Why do People Travel?


First of all, I don’t mean those who travel with five star hotel and business class flight, I don’t mean those who travel for business and spend a weekend in another city either, I mean those backpackers who travelled weeks and months far from their homes.

During each trip I’ll meet new people and hear different stories, though in most cases I’ll never meet them again. Before each trip I normally read Lonely Planet and plan the route carefully, and I am always happy to do something excessive than the recommendation, for a long time I think it is the only pleasure of travelling, till recently something changed my mind. I remembered when I was in Sydney I asked one mate what’s your plan today, he said I haven’t worked out. Also in Sydney I asked another mate what city are you heading to, he said I don’t know. Last night in Gold Coast I met a Canadian mate, he said he might buy a ticket to Canada tomorrow but he was not sure. After I introduced some good places in China, he said he might go to China but he was not sure either. This afternoon when I was back, guess what, his luggage was still in the room. I think this “not sure” is really a travel style rather than a simple unsure answer, it’s a pleasure which I have never thought before, full of unknowns, full of adventures, full of interests, I am just wondering if this is the reason that most of the backpackers enjoy the travelling by themselves.

Well, too much thinking, really not suitable in Queensland. Now I’m sitting on the table in my room, in front of me is the Fisherman’s Wharf, a big yacht club, some birds are flying freely in the sky, a lady is lying near the sea and enjoying the afternoon sunshine, and I am playing my iPad. Tomorrow is my last day in Gold Coast and I will finish my holidays in Australia and go back to China soon, now I’m kind of depressed, because I won’t be here any longer, I will have to be back to my daily life, this feeling is quite normal before the end of each travelling, but this time, plus one more regret, I never had the happiness of an unplanned travel.

But anyway I still enjoyed this trip, I climbed the harbour bridge, finished the most famous hiking way in Sydney, enjoyed the theme parks in Gold Coast and learned to surf, fair enough for a 8 days’ after exam travelling. Hope all the mates I met enjoyed their trips too, though different kinds of pleasures.