I was on the way to Israel via Bangkok. The original idea was to stay in Bangkok for half a day and see a friend.

So I arrived on Wednesday and then saw Nick, had dinner. Then I went back to the airport. To my surprise, I couldn’t find my flight. I checked again and again, in the end I asked the airport people and realised that my flight was on the second day. So I booked a flight with a transit of 30 hours. This never happened to me. I didn’t plan to do anything and I felt I wasted a day. Also why did the airline allow me to have a stop over of 30 hours? I felt embarrased to be told my the airport staff.

Anyway, if I knew I had a day in Bangkok, I would book a tour to the floating market but I lost the opportunity on the day before, so it’s going to be on my list for the next time if I take a transit in Bangkok.

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