Which Country has the Slowest Post Delivery?


This month is my unlucky month of postcrossing, most of my cards were sent to Russia and China, which means they can only arrive after maybe 30 days. I have to wait till next month to get my new send-to addresses.

As a new postcard crosser, I have only sent cards to less then 50 countries. From my stats, I found different countries have extreme different delivery speed, some countries are very fast, some are not. My record shows my slowest list of travel time:

Brazil 36 days
Belarus 36 days
Russia 35 days
Estonia 33 days
China 28 days
Costa Rica 24 days

These countries are active but very slow, this reminds me a funny story. In China there is a post service called post via Surface, once I sent a card to the States using this service, 2 months later I was told the card didn’t arrive. Then I sent a air mail replacement, after 10 days, it arrived. Another 1 month later, the sent-by-surface mail finally arrived.

Different from normal mails, there is no sender’s name and address on the postcard. If it can’t be sent to the right person, it won’t be returned, in this case, it’s a lost card. There are so many lost cards in China but never since I was in Melbourne, but what will happen this month?

Anyway, hope this month pass soon.