Summer School


Last time when I took summer school was in the last year of my last degree. I thought it would need more time to look for jobs, so I took the subject of taxation law over summer. I didn’t go the lecture at all, not even listen to the lecture recording but read some lecture notes. My friend went there and texted me the assignment. I completed the assignment without referring to any lecture material. In the exam, I saw the lecturer for the first time and said hello to him. He was quite a small Vietnamese and looked nice. I didn’t do well in the exam but because I knew who the lecturer was, I emailed him and asked him if I could get a D as I needed it for a PhD application¬†(which never happened later), then I got 70 – Distinction. My friend’s study was even more interesting. He got a full-time job so he didn’t review anything before the exam and he was 100% he would fail but he got a 50 in the end. I would think the lecturer was just a nice person, but he kept sending me emails in the next month and asked me to vote him for the best lecturer of the year. I did it just for the D I received.

The Sydney summer school is a bit more serious. I need another 5 years to finish the degree if I follow the traditional mode, which sounds like forever, so taking summer school to accelerate the study is quite reasonable. I am a bit worried about the study though. Getting ready for the law exam is hard for a full 13 weeks’ study, doing it in two weeks in summer school sounds quite unachievable ¬†Anyway, I hope it is a good decision when I review this year.