My Race Number is 135.


I registered and got my confirmation mail with my race number, so Melbourne Marathon is going to be my first marathon in this October.

Still till the time I paid, I was wondering if I need to register a half marathon, but no, I chose the full one. Since I am quite confident to do a half even now, if there is still 4 months left, why not give me a target more challenging?
Melbourne Marathon is more like a festival, everyone can join, they don’t even have any requirements. On the enrolling form, I was asked the estimate time, I filled 7 hours, then they gave me a warning: you should familiarise the route by yourself. Okay I will.
So the next step is to keep training, I seriously downloaded a marathon app on my iPhone. And from next semester on, I will have to go outdoors, it seems everything will be as planned.
I called my previous colleague in China after I registered, she was the first one I knew to do regular marathon, and also the one who persuaded me to start trying. She was quite numb, maybe because she can’t join and lose the chance to humiliate me personally by finishing it 3 hours earlier. Her base is HK Marathon, that’s the one I’m interested too, hopefully one day I can race with her.
Need a reason for marathon? Very simple: if I can do something I never ever thought of before, then I’ll have the courage for everything else.

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