I resigned from KPMG as an accountant. Now I am a free man.

I like to work for a big firm. I have to admit, once I am in, I feel it is just a job, but I know for many people it’s a dream job to work for the big four accounting firm. Yes it’s a decent job, but there are so many problems in big firms. Through the 3 years experience there, I found the management team was so comfortable with their own way to do certain things and did not want to change. I started my career in a smaller firm with an innovative leader, so in the beginning, when I joined KPMG, I tried to bring some new ideas such as the workflow management tool to the firm but it was so hard to change anything. Not just the way they do certain things, people are more restricted in big firm too. From my experience, I joined the firm as a compliance tax accountant. Despite I expressed my interest in transaction service and tax advisory several times, I had to be stuck with tax compliance with my direct partner and there was no flexibility.

At this stage, the best option for me is to take a break, not keep doing something I have no passion about. Being a law student is always good too.

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