Bobbo first attempt


Bobbo is the Bobbin Head cycle route. Our firm organised a team for it and I signed up for the 58km ride.

I didn’t practise much for the ride. The full ride is 107k, and I was not crazy enough to do that, so my option was good.

From my place in Sydenham, I need to take the train to the start line at Karuah Park, it’s around 1-hour train ride. I got up at 4:30am, had some food and rode to Sydenham Station. On the way, I realised I didn’t bring the sunglasses, so I had to come back. When I went to the Station again, I was still on time. When I was on the train, I found something big: I forgot to bring the helmet, so I had to come back again to bring the helmet. When I was on the train again, I was 20 minutes late.

It’s probably not the best start to a ride but when started the ride, I was the last one in my group. In the beginning, the road was pretty flat, but then we turned to a mountain, it was first downhill to Bobbi Head, and then the mountain challenge started. Honestly, I didn’t find the challenge that difficult. Then it was a good ride along at some nice suburbs. The houses were so big, definitely better than my little house, and then we turned into Terrey Hills. There were some additional small hills but they are so sharp, then there was one before the second drink station, I had to dismount the bike and walk. The best moment for me was to see the 10k sign, so I could finally enjoy my ride.

My watch told me I finished this ride at 3 hours 19 minutes but I only did 56.84km, not 58km, so I might have cut some big corners.

It was a good experience. If the firm organises the same event next year, I will do that again.