Kilimanjaro day 1


It’s half past eight, and I’ve finished day one, now I’m in the tent, listening to others talking in their language.

I met Debbie last night and she will my team mate in the last 7 days, she is from New York, a very cool Jewish girl. It’s actually the first time I talked to a Jewish so closely, well except for a strange English teacher when I was in university.

Today is the easiest day, just 4 hours of hiking. We did it in a pretty simple way, lots of talk, then we arrived our destination. I thought I did a five star trip with the company I booked, as they carried so much food with us. They brought us chairs, water, stove, and what i need is just carry my day pack and walk. Actually I thought i can feel clearly the difference between the tourists and those local people, though I have paid them, I didn’t take the ease for granted. I remembered the guy I met in Kampala, remembered those children who need help, I think I really should do more in Africa rather than just having fun.

Maybe it’s not a good time to think too much about the future, I should think more about what I should on the second day. A girl I met last night said she started to have some reactions from the second day, currently i just feel bad as I can’t have a shower but I hope I won’t have any other bad feelings tomorrow.

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