Kilimanjaro day 2


It rained a lot last night, and I didn’t sleep well as our crew kept talking all the time out of the tent and I didn’t want to put my ear plugs in.

I woke up because of the heavy rain and I couldn’t go to sleep any more after that. When it stopped I thought it won’t rain today, but I was wrong. When we nearly reached the peak, it rained heavily again. On the one hand I like raining because it won’t be too hot, on the other hand everything is so dirty because of it. I wish all the rains will be sent to us in the first 4 days , not the days to the summit.

Today I learned my second sentences of Swahili: “manbo?”, ” poa.” It means the same as how are you? And fine. My first sentence was “jungo”, and that’s like hello. I wish I could learn more but I don’t think I am good at language any more, especially when I am travelling and I am trying to express myself clearly.

I met another tour guide from another group, and he really shocked me. He told me he was married with two twin boys, and he had two girlfriends, whom he met during the hike. If he told me he is Dutch, I will probably believe it, but in my opinion Africans are quite laid-back, they should not be as open-minded as this. I should see Africans in a new way, obviously not in a old school way, although I can’t do the things he described.

Tomorrow will be a 7 hours’ hiking, and it’s still raining now. I think my health is still okay for the rest of the days.

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