Kilimanjaro day 5


It was very windy last night and I felt so cold in the sleeping bag, so I put on my thermal under-ware. It’s the first night I slept with clothes on and it wasn’t comfortable at all.
Debbie’s stomach problem became better after she met a doctor from England, and she started to eat some potatoes. It was a pretty short day, after about 3 hours walk, we reached our camp. We had dinner here and we could also see some people coming down from the summit. I saw two Denish guys who gave medicine to Debbie, also saw the American couple we met at the gate has finished the peak, and the Indian friend just came back from the summit. Some people gave up and it’s a pity that I don’t even have chances to say goodby to them. Those who made it shared us some tips, with an exhausted but happy tone. I can’t imagine what we will be like tonight.
From the base camp, there is a shortcut till the gate, and it only takes 5 hours, but this is a going down only route. I asked my guide why not have a climb of 2 days, that is just two nights at base camp. Surprisingly, he told me for income consideration, it’s not even an option for tourists. I think they must have asked suggestions from Americans before opening the routes, tricky business man.
It’s very sunny and windy in the camp in this area, and I feel like a burning pig inside. Tonight’s hike starts at 11:30pm, 7 hours walk to the peak, I hope we can make it, and I really miss a proper shower now.

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