Kilimanjaro day 4


I was wondering what would happen this morning as Debbie was so sick yesterday. Surprisingly she called me up this morning and asked me if I was okay.

It was a wonderful day, not so sunny, not so cold as well, as I wore enough clothes. First one hour was quite steep, but we managed it well. I saw some people come here with their family, like son and father, or daughter and mother. I would like to go somewhere with my dad someday when he is visiting me for my graduation ceremony in September.

Today I said goodbye to my two friends, one is a tour guide for two Japanese, the other is a guide for two Indians. Some African people are very nice to me, like these two people, but some obviously don’t like to talk to me. Today I also knew that many Tanzanians like China, for it brought cheap products to them, and also helped them to build roads or other infrastructures. It better to hear this from African people than hearing all negative comments from western media about China’s invasion to Africa.

Someone reminds me yesterday was Valentines day, and I am so happy that i can escape the commercial world for a while. Who cares what happens in the past few days, I can live very well without hearing any news or gossips. Tomorrow we will go to the base camp, then tomorrow evening we will climb to the summit, all amazing things will happen then,I can’t imagine how excited I will be at that time.

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