Dar es Salaam


Dar es Salaam is a small town, but according to the people from my hotel it is full of cheaters. I asked them where is the post office, they told me it was near to the monument. So I looked for the monument for a long time and finally found a small statue holding a gun, so disappointing. It was even short than me, how can it be a monument. But I found the post office finally and I was glad I could buy some postcards to my friends, though not many choices.

The biggest challenge was to go to the fish market by myself, and it was also introduced by my the hotel as one of the attractions. I walked along the ocean road from the city to the corner and it took me a long time to find it. This market was full of black people, and they were yelling in their own language. When i walked in, all the people started staring at me very rudely, looked like I came to a place that I should not come. From one end to another, I didn’t buy anything and survived the strange atmosphere, though I really wanted to buy some food there.

The next places I went was the national museum, not so bad, but there was no air conditioning inside. I was very interested to their history but the went to hotel soon because of the heat, though my hotel room was another place without air conditioning.

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