Kilimanjaro day 3


Debbie had some strange stomach problems this morning, since then it became a long day.

We need to go up and then down to our camp, almost 7 hours hike. We started pretty early but all the people behind us just came and passed us, I really don’t like the feeling but I really couldn’t do anything.

Lunch break was nice, Debbie had a nap and I ate lots of soup. But maybe because of too much food, I felt a bit headache in the afternoon. I asked the tour guide about the reaction, he said it was normal for this altitude. Strangely when I was in Tibet, I didn’t feel any headache but couldn’t breath well, but here all the reactions were new.

We spent about 4 hours in the afternoon till the camp and I was pretty exhausted. Some people are singing and having party outside of the camps and I am jealous of their attitude. Tomorrow is said to be another tough day, and I really need a good rest now.

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